• Something magnetic about this place

  • Creaky houses, narrow street, the kids…

  • Centuries old monuments animated with spirits

Welcome to The Secret Istanbul!

We would like to welcome you to Fener-Balat-Ayvansaray tour to discover the secrets of Istanbul hidden within the Byzantine City Walls. You will get a chance to witness a typical day in the life of an Istanbolian preserved by the labyrinthine streets, steep slopes, and creaky houses. Once you start your nostalgic travel in time, the district’s wealth of architecture, the colors and fabrics of cultural diversity will keep surprising you at every corner.


This is a great opportunity for travelers to gain an honest perspective about our culture in addition to visiting historic monuments. Learn More


This is an interactive tour full of sidewalk ramblings. You will go back in time and capture the life of an old Istanbul neighborhood. Learn More


Our goal is to provide a wonderful experience for you. An experience you will remember forever. Please feel free to ask us. Learn More

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